Went out on the Town

I was actually the one who did all of the leg work on the party and I went along for no other reason I suppose. I was not really that interested in the sort of entertainment that was on offer. I would have much rather have gone out to a hockey game or a Raptors game instead of going to a ballet recital. Of course I arranged for one of those Toronto party bus rentals and there was a good deal of high quality wine on the party bus, so I had a really good buzz by the time that we got to the ballet recital. Of course I went to look for the restroom when I was there, but I got lost and ended up back stage. That turned out to be a good thing, because I ran into this girl that I used to date about three or four years back. » Read more: Went out on the Town

We Found That It is Better to Have a Private Party

Working hard for a lot of years had really taken a toll on me. I needed a break. But there was no time to take time off for any sort of vacation. I normally work six to seven days per week, and I felt that I didn’t even have time to get away for a weekend. I did not want my business to suffer. I was reading a site that I stumbled across and it said to click here for party buses so that I could read what they offer for partying in the city. I wondered if it was some sort of chartered party company, but I learned that what they offer is even better than that. They offer the chance to have your own dance club on wheels.

I remember partying really hard as a young person, and there were always fights involved. Not with me, but someone in my group who would get into fights with complete strangers. I never understood this. People bump into each other in a loud and crowded bar or club, and the next thing you know, fists are flying. » Read more: We Found That It is Better to Have a Private Party

The Parks and Gardens of Barcelona

Barcelona has some real jewels to explore and we’re not talking about the historical architecture, museums and art galleries. It has a wealth of gardens and parks that are open to everyone and free to enter, offering a place of space and beauty in the cosmopolitan and modern city. You can spend a whole day just discovering the gardens of Barcelona alone without even looking at any other places of interest.

Up on Montjuic Mountain you’ll find more than enough flowers and plants to fascinate. Amongst the 4 main gardens here are Jardins Mossen Jacint Verdaguer, named after the poet of the same name the extensive gardens are a pleasant place to amble through. Take a walk to the top of the hill where the views are magnificent. The Jardí Botànic has collections of Mediterranean plants organised into sections depending on where they originated and representing 8 regions including Chile, North and South Africa, and the Eastern and Western Mediterranean.

Jardins Laribal are a cool and shady place to meander through as they wind gracefully down the hillside. Relax next to a lily pond and admire the views of the Sagrada Família and Torre Agbar on the landscape and spend at least a few hours of your holiday at this tranquil spot. Jardins Joan Maragall were named after the leader of the Modernisme movement in literature and is a great park for wandering around appreciating the many kinds of flowers, and impressive statues, or visit the Albeniz Mansion, designed by Juan Moya for the 1929 Exposition.

Make your way back down into the city and visit the Parc de la Ciutadella, one of the main parks where both locals and tourists like to hang out, take a picnic and stroll hand in hand with loved ones. The first public park to be built in the city in 1872 by Josep Fontseré, half of it has now been taken up by Barcelona Zoo, one of the largest zoos in Europe.

Parc de la Ciutadella is one of the most popular parks as it is responsible for holding a diverse selection of entertaining and arty events throughout the year, in particular the jazz programme is a major annual feature that attracts thousands. In the park you’ll find a waterfall and lake where you can hire rowing boats, also a summerhouse that holds music events, and a plethora of sculptures by famous names including Manuel Fuxa, Frederic Mares, Josep Clara, Josep Llimona and Pau Gargallo. Passeig dels Albers and Passeig dels Tillers offer quiet areas where you can sit quietly and relax for awhile, sunbathe or have a picnic with the family. There are plenty of rental apartments in close proximity for those interested in seeing the real Barcelona.

Another park worth visiting if you have the time is the Tamarita Gardens which was originally a stately home bordered by a broad expanse of gardens, if you’re seeking tranquility then this is the park for you as the gardens offer a restful spot with lots of places where you can hide away from the crowds, be by yourself for a while and read a good book without being disturbed. The gardens range from orderly, landscaped areas to natural meadows and wild hedgerows, ensure you hang out for a while in the gardenia garden as it’s beyond a doubt one of the most appealing locations. During the summer months as in many of the other city parks classical music concerts are held.

Next on the list is the Castell de l’Oreneta Park, a large wooded area that has preserved a lot of its original Mediterranean flora and shrubbery including Italian stone pine, White pines, Holm oak and Northern red oak, Spanish broom, honeysuckle and strawberry tree. There are also lots of sweet-scented plants – thyme, laurel and lavender and eucalyptus can be identified along with orange, almond and olive trees. There are pony stables in the park along with a miniature train complete with locomotive engines and carriages, children’s playgrounds and picnic areas.

Stay in a city appartments in Barcelona and you can easily get around all the gardens and parks mentioned above. And if you don’t get to see all of them this time around then you can always return for more at a later date!